Last Day out in France – Collioure

It was only fitting that my last day out in France was spent at Collioure.  The weather was beautiful, so Susanna and I went to have a nice lunch, shop a bit, sit on the beach, and then we did the glass-bottom boat that cruises around Collioure, Argeles, Port Vendres, and some caves in between.  We ate at Chez Simone, which we’ve been to a couple times and is a great little cafe right on the beach!

I went to say goodbye to friends we made the first weekend there – Jean Louis wished me ‘bon retour’ (good return) to the United States, and hoped I had spent a good time in France.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million times – Collioure is a magical place.  Here’s some pictures from the day

Catalan marriage dance performance

On the boat ride! …Rousillon Croisieres

Cruising through Argeles

Port Vendres

The boat cruise advertised a “glass-bottom” boat, which turned out to only be a couple little foggy windows in the bottom.  And you don’t actually go into the caves because the boat is too big.  So that part was a little misleading… but as far as a beautiful cruise around the coastal areas, it was great!

It was a really nice day with Susanna! 🙂  After the boat ride, we had about 2 hours to wait for the train home.  So we sat at the water’s edge and threw rocks into the water like children for about an hour.  Then had a cafe and ice cream and then headed home!


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