April Holidays – Perpignan and Nice

After working six painstaking weeks between February and April, I got about three weeks off work for April holidays.  I decided not to make plans for the first two weeks and instead just spend some lazy time in the Perpignan sun!  Susanna had some friends visiting, and there was talk of maybe taking a little weekend trip.

Her two friends got here and brought the sun with them!  Since our beautiful beach-week a couple weeks ago, the weather has turned back to rain!  But we had a couple nice days of about 65-70 degrees and blue skies.  We took a long bike ride out to Villeneuve-de-la-Raho where there’s a HUGE lake….. I mean, it looks like a beach it’s so big!  It was Easter Sunday, but there were tons of people out and about which surprised me!  We had a little picnic in the sun.

We went to Collioure for a day and I saw the couple who my Mom and I met the first time we visited Collioure.  The ones who said they’d take care of me while I’ve been in France.  We’ve talked a couple times since then, but this was the first time I’ve seen them since October.  It was so nice because we had our whole conversation in French and it was easy!  I’ve made at least a little progress, haha!

And it was a beautiful day in Collioure!

The weather in Perpignan ended up being really terrible during the break!  Susanna and the girls went to Barcelona for a couple nights, so I headed to Nice to see Jessica one last time before leaving France!  I stayed Tuesday-Thursday nights and came home Friday afternoon.  It’s such a long journey…. 8 hours on the train!  But worth every minute….the Cote d’Azur is an unbelievably beautiful place and I think it gets better every time.  For anyone interested… the journey from Perpignan to Nice can be done on the cheap train for 30 euros!  It turned out being my only two days on a sunny beach during this whole break!

This picture is taken from above the coast where an old chateau once stood.  Now there’s a park and a beautiful waterfall that’s lit up at night.   On one side, you see Opera plage and Vieux Nice,

and on the other side, the Marina.

When I saw Jessica before, she hadn’t moved into Nice yet.  So it was great to see her again settled into her Nicoise life… knowing all the bartenders first names and all the other English assistants.  I’m always surprised when I go to Nice how easily you can live an English-speaking life without hardly needing French.  I met a couple of her friends who don’t know any French at all, at get by just fine. And in all the bars we went to, the bartenders were exclusively English-speakers!  Jessica and I just spent two days on the beach, eating gelato (tiramisu is the best) and wondering around the streets.  We cooked dinners at her house and I got in the gym a couple times.  (My gym in Perpignan had another location about 2 blocks from her apartment!)

After returning home, I’m heading to Biarritz on the Atlantic coast side of France, and San Sebastian just over the Spanish border.  I’m going with Susanna, and we’re meeting our two friends Kylie and Susan there!  So, there will be more to come soon!



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