First Beach Day at Canet Plage!

This Sunday we spent in Banyuls, and then I worked Monday and Tuesday.  Everyone is off work on Wednesday, the forecast looked beautiful, so we all headed on the city bus to Canet Plage (Canet beach, pronounced Can-ay).  I’ve talked about the infamous wind in Perpignan, and it can be especially bad on the beach in Canet.  It’s a huge wide open sandy beach with nothing to protect you from the wind and blowing sand.  So imagine our joy when we get down there, and there is NO wind at all!  As one of Susanna’s local friends once told her, “you can’t get rid of the wind, because then we would be living in paradise on Earth”.   Haha….well, this Wednesday we found paradis-sur-terre on Canet plage.

We got down to the beach about 12:30, stopped into the grocery store to get some food and mini bottles of wine, and then set up shop near the water.  It was hot and beautiful…not a cloud in the sky all day.  You can see the mountains in the distance towards Spain, which I still haven’t gotten used to when on the beach.

I hate to say that any beach is nicer than the one that I grew up on, but this beach day really rivaled the ones down in Emerald Isle.  I’m so annoyed I only got one shit photo while I was there…

Canet Plage

I dipped my toes in the Mediterranean and it is freezing!!  But Kylie was sitting by the water, and when I went to join her, she said “Let’s just run in and go for it!”  She didn’t let me think for very long before we were running in trying not to feel how cold it was.  There are no waves, and the ground gently slopes out, so you have to run awhile before you are in waist-deep.  There’s no seaweed or slimy creatures, and you walk on soft sand in crystal-clear water.  (FREEZING crystal clear water).  After a minute or two, your legs go numb, and then it’s not as bad.  Haha.  I’ve heard from French people that you’re not supposed to get in the water until June…. probably a better idea.

People started filtering home, but I stayed with two other friends until about 5:30pm… 5 blissful hours in the sun.   I can’t wait to go back!   This coming up week in Perpignan, it’s supposed to be all rainy.  But hopefully by the weekend, it will clear up and the wind will stay away!  When I got home I was pleasantly red…but not too burnt.  And then I had to pack my bag for a cheeky trip to Dublin in the morning!


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  1. OK, how do find time to work??? Five hours on a beach sounds like a slice of heaven… glad you had a good time. When are you going back? xoxo

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