March Plans Interrupted

My body has NOT been cooperating with me during this month of March!  It’s been a nice month with Spring coming and the weather slowly turning from chilly and rainy to beautiful and sunny.

Starting in January, I joined the gym and I have LOVED going!  I go maybe 4-5 times a week and I’ve started running which I enjoy because it’s not something I’ve really ever done before.  My friend Nikki from Mount Holyoke and I are going to do a triathalon this summer together.  Albeit a small one to start with!  I love cycling, and I want to finally prove to myself that I can run (even with all my knee problems if I do it right) and I’ve always been able to swim well enough.

When I left for February holidays, I was doing really well with my running program and feeling great.  But the day before I returned home is when I dislocated my right knee in Amsterdam.  So since that last week in February, I’ve only been able to get to the gym maybe twice to try running again.  The first time I made it about 10 steps and had to stop, and the second time went alright… after about 3 weeks had passed since the injury.

I also had a cold in Amsterdam which lingered around FOREVER!  Then last weekend when Susanna was in Rome, I cleaned the apartment really well, and had a full on allergy attack to the dust in the apartment and the pollen starting to come out.  Haha, this happened everytime I would move out of my dorm at school… the dust KILLS me!  I just haven’t been able to catch a break during March.  This allergy attack turned into another cold, which I had just about gotten over when I went to Dublin this weekend.   I’ve had a couple days here and there without being sick, but it’s just kept coming back and coming back.

I’ve been having these tension-headaches though that I don’t know how to get rid of!  Does anyone have any advice for this??  I thought I was just dehydrated, but I’ve been drinking so much water I’m probably almost drowning, and nothing seems to help.  Not even the strongest pain reliever medicine I can find.   I’m still congested from the colds, and I know the flying doesn’t help the situation at all… Ugh, they’re really unbearable!

Well that’s my little rant for the month. I know I can always start back up at the gym, but I was just hoping to be further along in my triathlon-preparation that I am now.  O well…Back to posting pleasant-France-things now!


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