Day Trip to Toulouse – La Ville Rose

Susanna’s birthday was last weekend, so she and two other girls took off to Rome for the weekend!

Rachel, Susan, and I were in town so we decided to take a little day-trip down to La Ville Rose.  Also known as Toulouse.  The train ride there is a little less than 3 hours, so we left around 8 something and got in around 10 something.

It was a beautiful day.  Actually it was the perfect touristing weather.  (Also it was St Paddy’s Day)  Not too hot, but pleasantly warm with a blue sky and a breeze.  Toulouse is a big university town and there are lots of young people around.  It’s called “the pink city” because many of the building are built with this pinkish brick.  It makes the light soft and romantic.

We walked into the center of the city and everyone was sitting out on the lawns enjoying the weather.  There are several gardens and parks to walk through that wind through these big trees and ponds.  Le Jardin des Plantes, and le Jardin Royal.  It’s like a tree-house park with chickens and ducks walking around!  There are statues and trees that have been covered with these guerilla-knitting projects.

The parks were so beautiful….spring has sprung!  The flowers are blooming and the trees are budding.

It was a Saturday morning, so all the parents and their children were at the parks enjoying the morning.  It was so cute.

We had lunch at an Indian restaurant, I had the vegetable curry.   I’ve just started eating Indian food this year… and I’m loving it.

We sat in Place Jean Juares in the sun and had a nutella crepe and a coffee.  We watched some street performers and the city go by.  There was a city mini-bus that had been knitted!

There is an Arc de Triomphe along a beautiful tree-lined street with a merry-go-round that Susan and I played on.  The architecture in Toulouse is beautiful….very French.  Perpignan doesn’t have a French aesthetic (it’s very Mediterranean with the adobe roofs and palm trees) so it’s nice to visit these “French” cities.


Then we came home around 6 and got into Perpignan around 9pm.  Our Irish friend was having a St Paddys Day party that night, but when I got home, I started having a lot of trouble breathing and couldn’t really go out.  I think it was an allergy-related asthma attack since I had spent all day outside…not fun.  And it was scary since I was at home by myself!    (Don’t worry Mom, I’m still alive.)


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