One of the little towns down the coast towards Spain is called Banyuls-Sur-Mer (or Banyuls-on-the-Sea).   It’s the next little beach town down after Collioure on the train, or you can take the 1-euro bus there.  We went for the first time last Sunday, and it was so beautiful!   It was the last Sunday in March, and the sun was finally really hot.  We took a picnic down to the beach and sat along the seawall to be protected from the wind and ate and sat for the next several hours.  It was so nice.

Our friend Emily lives down in Banyuls and works in a marine research lab.  She goes to University with some of the other assistants which is how I’ve met her.  Her apartment looks out right over the marina and onto the sea!

We walked along the jetty and up to this momument that looks out over the coast.

Most all the shops are still shut, but there was two small stands open selling ice cream, and another little hut on the beach selling wine.  Banyuls wine is really popular in the area, and you can go wine-tasting all along the beach during the summer when the stands are open.  There’s also a marina, an aquarium, and kayak and jet ski rentals.

Emily, Rachel, myself, and Susanna


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  1. Hi Jacqueline – looks like I need to look at Home for rentals in Banyuls. How beautiful… hope you had a wonderful time. xoxoxo

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