Tour à Velo, Perpignan to Thuir

Riding bikes is something we’ve wanted to do in Perpignan for so long…and the weather is just coming around enough for it to be enjoyable!  Kylie and I finally figured out how to use the city bike-rental system called BIP.  There are bike stations placed all over the city, and you can get a bike from any of the stations, and then return it to any of the other stations.   It’s really convenient…. although it would be really nice to have a rental place near the train station cause it’s such a long miserable walk down there.

Around Christmas time, I was looking into the Languedoc-Roussillon tourism projects, and found these incredible Voie-Verts (greenways) all over the region.  They are tiny paved roads specially built for biking, running, or roller-blading (haha) that go through the surrounding cities, vineyards, country-sides, etc.  There is one from Perpignan to Thuir 15km each way that looked incredible, so we all decided to go last Saturday.

There were 6 of us in all.

We started off on our bikes near the train station, then onto the highway for a little bit, around round-abouts, and finally onto the voie-vert.   It follows some old train tracks for about 1km, then out into the “suburb-y” type surrounding areas for another 2-3km, through the towns of Toulouges and Canohes,

and finally out into the countryside for the last 7km or so heading towards the snow-capped Canigou.  It was a great day….We wore shorts!  Which hadn’t been possible yet this year.

We passed the old abandoned trains stations, vineyards, les caves.  The only thing in the way of a perfect day was the wind!  You just can’t get rid of the wind here!  It was gusting up to like 20 miles per hour, and once we got to Thuir, the temperature had dropped a little and the wind was getting worse and worse.  So we got lunch at the grocery store and on the way to eat it, we passed the bus stop.  The bus was coming in 20 minutes, so we decided to hop on.  It was such a funny ordeal with the bus driver helping us load 6 bikes into the luggage area of the coach…but he was so nice (and non-French) about the whole thing. The best part of the day was getting to spend time with my housemate Susanna, she is so funny and smart. I’ve started writing down her funny jokes and heart-warming tales which I one day hope to bind and publish to much critical acclaim.

Then I made my first quiche!  With lardons, onion, zucchini, and gruyere… it turned out great.



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