February Holidays – Preview

I’ve made it home safely from my travels through Morocco and the Netherlands!  Marrakech and the surrounding Atlas mountains were absolutely gorgeous and awe-inspiring.  And Amsterdam was such a fun relaxed place with the friendliest people I’ve ever met!  I’ll be working on blog posts over the next couple days, but here’s a couple pictures from Morocco until then!….


Camels waiting for riders in the mountains

Standing on a ledge while climbing in the mountains around Ourika valley


Produce stand in Marrakech



One response

  1. Hi Jacqueline – Love the photos – I have changed my mind and want to visit the mecca of haggling (sp)… 🙂 So glad you had a fabulous vacation. Amsterdam must have been so refreshing after spending so much time in France – “cold to hot” so to speak 🙂 I wished i was with you today – we could head to the Carrefore (again sp 😦 not enough coffee yet 🙂
    for some yummy wine, bread, and cheese… keep the photos and blogs coming, they are great xoxoxo ps – I had a super time at your house :):):)

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