January Cooking

This is one of those posts that I don’t think anyone actually cares about…but its part of JacquelineinFrance’s life. Haha.

If you’re ever wondering how NOT to make hummus, I can tell you that you don’t just take chickpeas out of a can and attempt to mash them up.  Also a food processor probably helps.   Haha, either way… I managed to make a yummy and healthy non-hummus of red pepper, mashed chickpeas, and roasted garlic. 

Also for the first time, I tried making Italian stuffed peppers, and it was a huge success!  I’ve always wanted to make these, but never have tried before.  They were red roasted peppers stuffed with sausage (French, instead of Italian), tomato sauce (canned instead of homemade), sage (instead of oregano), rice, fennel, onions, fresh mozarella (instead of provolone), and no breadcrumbs.  You can see I had to improvise some because of the lack of available ingredients.  (In France, there’s no provolone cheese 😦 and certainly no Italian sausage!)  I used Buddy’s recipe...is there usually rice in stuffed peppers??  That surprised me.

Then tonight, I was feeling inspired to keep the good meals going… so I baked salmon with lemon and herbs and roasted fennel on it.  It was really good!  I’ve never cooked with fennel before making the stuffed peppers…I had no idea its so good and easy to use!

It feels so good to come home from the gym and eat healthy stuff–I know my body feels a million times better for it!

On another kitchen-related note….I seems that I still haven’t figured how to put things from the counter back into the refrigerator.  I bought a whole chicken to roast the other night, and when I got home I realized I didn’t have garlic.  So I left the chicken on the counter till I got garlic, forgot about it, and then had to throw it all away this morning.   I’ve wasted probably about 15 euros worth of meat doing stupid stuff like that!  Erg.


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  1. Hi – the food looks delicious… now as for the chicken – from now on go directly from your front door to the frig with the chix :):):) Have a super day… loved chatting with you yesterday. xoxoxo

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