The Gym, Tea, and a Couch!

So since I posted my last update about life, I’m feeling much better about being here.   The issues with the bank seem to be resolvable.  I think they told me that all stolen charges on debit cards are reimbursed 100%, but it might take a couple months to happen.  I’m going to make an appointment with someone to go and talk to them again to make sure.

Then I bit the bullet and joined the gym.  It was expensive, but I think it’ll be worth it.  I’ve been working out and my body feels a million times better.  Getting to spin again gives me such a good workout without any impact on my knee, and it feels even stronger after I get off the bike.  I think I might be having to deal with some extra pain over the next couple months as the steroids wear off…but.. O well, not much I can do about that.

"Keep Cool" gym spinning room with classes on the telly

We found a couch outside our door on the street (presumably in the trash) so Susanna and I brought it upstairs and now our living room is somewhat furnished!  (Actually the boys passing in the street brought it upstairs.)  Haha…it’s dirty (washed now) and duct-taped together and mustard yellow!

The Mustard Couch!

Today all 6 of us went and found a little tea-room for some afternoon tea.  It was the cutest place…definitely going back!   It was called L’Heure des Thes…roughly “Tea Time” in English 🙂

The 6 of us (me taking the photo) at L'Heure des Thes

L'Heure des Thes

We went to tea to talk about what we’re doing for the February vacation….so that’s nice to have something to look forward to.  We’re talking about going to Marrakech in Morocco for 4 days or so…and then heading to Paris for one of the girl’s birthdays!   We’re trying to get that booked soon…so hopefully I’ll have more news soon!


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